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Barco focuses on developing and manufacturing of RFID UHF antennas under brand name FlexiRay.
Antennas and Portals with ultra slim form factor and esthetic design for many RFID installations especially in interiors, conveyor belt tracking and smart shelf applications etc.
Two basic products line:

SF - very thin antenna 3 milimeters only
SFR - rugged version / thin 14 milimeters

Key Antenna Features
▪ Esthetic design suitable for indoor / outdoor RFID applications
▪ Rugged enclosure IP65 for industrial and logistic projects
▪ Low profile and modular antenna length from 128 to 1078 milimeters
▪ Easy and flexible mounting


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Esthetic & Rugged RFID UHF Antenna FlexiRay SFR Esthetic & rugged slim planar RFID antenna FlexiRay SFR with rugged and estethic enclosure enabling creation of RFID reading zones in entrances, doors, conveyors or production lines.
RFID UHF Portal Flexiray I-Gate 2.X FlexiRay RFID portal provides ultra slim profile and small stand footprint saving space features in an attractive esthetically-pleasing design suitable for office, retail, data center, hospital and other interior environments.
Ultra Slim RFID UHF Antenna FlexiRay SF Ultra slim modular planar RFID antenna FlexiRay SF with 2 mm thin profile & pleasing design enabling creation of RFID reading zones in entrances or doors. Thanks to its ultra thin form factor it is suitable for smart rack, display cabinet, RFID smart shelf or embedded kiosk applications. The antenna allows completely invisible & embedded installations.


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RFID Specialist Meshed Systems takes over distribution of FlexiRay antennas
Leading Distributor supports FlexiRay RFID products in German-speaking Europe

Posted on: 4/2/2013 by: Tomas Kubicek

RFID UHF antenna FlexiRay with unique small and thin form factor
Barco, RFID solutions supplier, released short and thin RFID UHF antenna FlexiRay SF-110X, a new model of the innovative FlexiRayTM slim line antenna product range. With small form factor antenna is an invisible, esthetic and cost effective option for desktop, access control, embedded kiosks or smart rack applications, as well as product traceability and manufacturing applications.

Posted on: 7/26/2012 by: Tomas Kubicek

New Generation RFID Antennas FlexiRay SF 2.X Hit the RFID Market
Barco, RFID solutions supplier, released new generation of RFID UHF antennas FlexiRay, the innovative antenna product range outstanding by great read range, ultra thin form factor, esthetic and unobtrusive design. Antenna gain 5,5 dBic, long and ultra thin antenna form factor make the antenna excellent combination for indoor applications, RFID gate and portal solutions.

Posted on: 4/26/2013 by: Tomas Kubicek

Esthetic & Rugged New Generation FlexiRay SFR 2.X RFID Antenna Unveiled
Barco unveiled new generation RFID UHF antenna FlexiRay SFR 2.X. The innovative FlexiRay SFR antennas with 5,5 dBic gain offer great read range, rugged yet esthetic & unobtrusive design. The high-quality aluminum & pleasing design makes the antenna suitable for RFID reading zones in entrances, doors and gates as well as for logistics, warehouse and industrial applications.

Posted on: 6/5/2013 by: Tomas Kubicek

Flexiray RFID Portal Fits to Your Corporate Image & Interior Design
Barco launched new esthetic, unobtrusive and pleasing RFID portal solution Flexiray I-Gate 2.X. The portal design can be customized to any interior design & corporate image. Impressive design, thin profile and small footprint make the portal unique option for middle range RFID reading zones in interiors facing the demands on mounting limitations & esthetic appearance.

Posted on: 9/10/2013 by: Tomas Kubicek

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1st Choice Security Solutions, Inc.

1st Choice Security Solutions is an OEM Manufacturer and Distributor of ultra-long-range, hands-free RFID readers, tags, accessories and software for vehicle identification, asset loss prevention and real-time inventory, visitor and employee monitoring, and emergency evacuation and personnel muster accountability. The company also produces real-time location systems (RTLS), wireless wiegand access control for gates and doors, GPS tracking and inmate house arrest systems.

3DT Solutions

3DT Solutions offers customizable RF and RFID technologies, combined with secure and encrypted data storage, to offer clients a flexible range of solutions.

3in1GroupUSA with it's factory in Asia has developed a unique technology to enable the RFID inlay to be transferred to the surface of the fabric and paper by hear and pressure. The inlay remains soft and super thin after transference just like printing directly onto the surface of the material. Our RFID inlays can be applied as stickers onto hangtags or sandwich in between paper products or heat transferred onto back of labels or onto actual garments in seams or labels.

3M Track & Trace Solutions

Using RFID, RTLS, GPS and other technologies, 3M provides track-and-trace solutions designed to improve asset utilization, safety and security.

6pm PLC

Established in 1996, 6pm employs over 100 technology consultants in UK, Malta and Macedonia. 6pm’s employees are committed to exceeding client expectations and their enthusiasm coupled with their “can do” attitude is the envy of many competitors. 6pm provides unique and flexible IT solutions and services on time and to budget. We understand the importance of working closely with our clients to deliver tailor-made, fit for purpose solutions, high value consultancy and high quality project deliver

7iD Technologies GmbH

7iD is a worldwide leader in RFID software. International corporations on four continents leverage 7iD's know-how and superior DIP Device Integration Platform to gain visibility into complex operations.

A*STAR Agency for Science, Technology and Research

A*STAR has developed a highly-integrated Reader IC for UHF RFID applications. This low-cost RF chip complies with EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO-18000-6A/B/C standards and covers the 860MHz to 960MHz frequency band. Drop by for a demonstration and know more about A*STAR's research in RFID and the National RFID Centre.

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