Impinj Monza 4 Tag Chips

In addition to expanded memory options, the industry's best read/write reliability, and the most consistent tag to tag performance, the Monza family of RFID tag chips feature:

  • True3D antenna technology—two fully independent antenna ports enable the creation of tags without blind spots

  • QT technology, featuring public and private data profiles that support confidentiality of business-sensitive data and assure consumers of privacy

  • Memory options to support large user memory (512 bits with block permalock) or EPC-memory (up to 496 bits) applications

  • Industry's best read and write sensitivity combined with excellent interference rejection to yield outstanding read and write reliability

  • Gen 2 compliant custom features that facilitate inventory of hard-to-read tags and support rapid access of serial numbers

Impinj has also introduced the Monza 4 Dura Packaged chips. The Dura's packaged format supports standard PCB surface mount assembly techniques, which eases integration into products designed with PCBs, as well as other electronic applications where soldered connections are preferred. Impinj encased the Monza RFID tag chips in a μDFN package, making it the industry’s smallest and lowest profile tag chip part. Monza 4 Dura Packs. Learn more.

Model Features Overview

Model		User  		EPC  		Serialized	True3D		QT® 
			Memory		Memory		TID		        Antenna		Memory
			(bits)  		(bits)					Technology	Security

Monza 4D		32			Up to 128		Yes		      Yes				  

Monza 4E		128			Up to 496		Yes		      Yes

Monza 4QT 	512			Up to 128		Yes		      Yes			Yes

Operating Conditions and Electrical Characteristics Overview

Perameter 						Min		Type 	Max 			Units
Operating Frequency 				      860   			      960 		     MHz
Single Port Read Sensitivity   -17.4   dBm
Single Port Write Sensitivity   -14.6   dBm
True3D (Dual Port) Read Sensitivity   -19.9   dBm
True3D (Dual Port) Write Sensitivity   -17.1   dBm
Operating Temperature -40   85 ºC
Data Retention   50 Years
Programming Cycles   100,000   Cycles
Chip Intrinsic Input Capacitance   1000   fF





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!D Gate

The !D Gate is a modern, open pedestal that is mounted on the floor. Because it is an integrated reader, both the reader and antennae are included. It supports processes like goods receiving, transition from stock room to sales floor and anti-theft (EAS). Depending on the role, the optimum RFID parameters are chosen automatically.

!D Hand 2 - RAIN RFID handheld reader

The !D Hand 2 is Nedap’s 2nd generation RAIN RFID handheld reader, especially designed for in-store retail applications. Its high reading performance in combination with its intuitive, fashionable design make it the ideal device for store staff to work with.


The !D POS is an integrated reader to be used for reading items at the point-of-sale station. It has a small, rugged casing that can be mounted under the cash desk. The antenna only reads items on top of the reader, while ignoring items below or next to the antenna, due to the built-in shielding. It can be connected via USB or Ethernet, while the power can be supplied by a local power supply.

!D Top

The !D Top is a state-of-the-art integrated reader that can easily be mounted on the wall or to the ceiling - using almost invisible steel cables. Its elegant, compact design blends into every store, keeping the entrance of the store or the passage to the stock room wide open. At the store entrance, the !D Top can be used stand-alone as RFID-based EAS system or used as an addition to existing traditional EAS systems.

"LANTERN™" Integrated All-In-One Hands Free RFID Reader with LED Light

The MonsoonRF Inc. Lantern™ series of RFID readers are Impinj Indy R2000 or Indy RS2000 based RFID systems, comprising the integrated UHF reader, Antenna, controlled LED, and Communications System (a complete system-in-package). Lantern™ installation involves a simple connection to a common AC power source (110VAC or 240VAC depending on Region). When connected, the integrated light will be on, and it can be directed at tagged items. The package design allows the Lantern™ to be attached to a lighting

"The InfoChip App" NFC App for iPhone and Android

The InfoChip App, to be released on iPhone and Android, brings forth a profound revolution in safety compliance, inspection management and industrial asset management. The InfoChip App enables you to "Interact With Your Assets" where and when you need to, using your NFC-enabled smartphone and InfoChip's complete line of extremely durable NFC RFID tags.

by   InfoChip

[D.O.Tel] DOTH-100

More Powerful Mobile POS Customer Orientation POST Terminal User Orientation United Terminal

[D.O.Tel] DOTH-300C (UHF Compact Type)

The tool that keeps up with your mobile workers DOTel’s DOTH-300C UHF compact enables you to advance your business to a next level of your business by managing your inventory efficiently. The DOTH-300C is loaded with the features you want in a lightweight mobile computer like 1D/2D Barcode Scanners, UHF RFID readers, 3G HSUPA wireless, Bluetooth Ver2, integrated A-GPS and 802.11 b/g WLAN connectivity.

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