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June 09, 2010

Sometimes one gets inspiration from the craziest places.  One of our R&D guys, Peter, will tell you that some of his best ideas were inspirations of him trying to find a shortcut for accomplishing boring tasks. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was watching the YouTube video “Right Here, Right Now” by Fat Boy Slim on my iPad and while bobbin’ my head to the infectious funk music, I suddenly got an inspiration to write this blog.

We’ve come a long way together since the days RFID is available only to companies with “RFID friendly” inventory and firms with metallic products have largely been excluded in RFID asset tracking.  While subsequent advances in technology have made it possible for passive RFID tags to perform well near or on metallic surfaces, embedding tags into metals will render them either completely unreadable or readable from only a very limited range. Until Now.

XERAFY has raised the bar for Read-on-Metal EPC Gen 2/ISO 18000-6c technology by offering customers the option of flush mounting RFID inside such assets without having to worry about the impact to read-sensitivity and performance, opening the door to complete and automated inventory tracking for metallic items.

Gone are the days when RFID tags must be applied post-manufacture. Embedding RFID during production can cost less, allow the opportunity to differentiate and deliver greater value to the manufacturer and end-user.  Gone also are the days when exposed RFID tags are susceptible to damage from use in harsh conditions, “wear and tear” and the targets of deliberate tampering.

And guess what? Size does matter. Having the smallest tags available out there in the market today allows RFID to be easily embedded into very small metallic assets where space is typically a limiting factor.

Imagine the possibility of flush-mounting RFID tags into compact bladeservers for IT Asset Management. This makes them visible to RFID-based inventory systems immediately upon installation, and the RFID tags are protected from the possibility of damage during routine movement of servers from rack to rack. In addition, should the blades be returned to the manufacturer for warranty repair or other reasons, the built-in RFID may be utilized by the manufacturer for management and tracking of these units.

Since firearms generally do not have space for externally-mounted RFID tags, the possibility of embedding RFID in firearms will enable military and law enforcement agencies to know real-time how many firearms are checked out for service, how many remain in inventory ready to use and how many are in need of service. 

The good news for everyone whose applications are able to adopt this technology is, embeddable RFID means that IP68 rating are practically assured. Goodbye to the environmental elements of rain, snow or sun that keep these tags from functioning.  At a time where an application would be limited by the choice of tags built around hardware, XERAFY is changing the rules of the game. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

  • Embedded Picox, Nanox & Microx reads up to 2.8ft, 9.8ft and 19.8 ft respectively
  • Picox & Nanox measures 0.47x0.28x0.12in and 0.98x0.35x0.12in respectively



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Xerafy TM is a global provider of the world's smallest and most durable passive UHF RFID Read-On-Metal (ROM) tags. Our products have been qualified, verified and certified to endure extreme conditions over the lifetime of the asset. XERAFY TM has overcome technical obstacles that have plagued RFID implementations in the past tracking metal assets in harsh environments.