Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltd.

528 Xingqi Road,Yuhang Economic Development Area,, Hangzhou , Zhejiang, 311106, CN
http://www.centurylinkrfid.com| pagewang@century-cn.com
86 571 28818756


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Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltd (Century RFID) is an RFID high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production and sales of RFID labels and tags.

As a leader in innovative RFID tag and label solutions and services, Century RFID serves customers around the world. Established in January 2014, it has grown out of the R&D Center of Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

Century RFID's RFID labels and tags R&D team includes more than 80 experienced and well-educated professional technicians. The company closely cooperates with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University, Xidian University, the Chinese Academy of Science and Hangzhou RFID Research Center to develop proprietary RFID labels, tags and RFID reader antennas, for use in metal, liquid or other challenging surroundings.

Century RFID's products are widely used in the global retail, costume, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, library and asset management industries. The company has a complete RFID product portfolio with more than 100 kinds of labels and tags, including HF and UHF conventional and special labels and tags, as well as NFC labels and tags.

Century RFID has integrated production lines for conversion, encoding, printing and laser inspection. It assures the performance, consistency and reliability of its RFID products by using RFID performance consistency testing devices, large-scale RFID anechoic chambers, special UV weather resistance testing instruments, and high and low temperature testing meters. 

In 2014, Century RFID achieved the ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Century RFID is committed to pushing forward the application of RFID technologies around the globe. Make Century RFID your innovative and trustworthy partner for RFID label and tag solutions!


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Century Link Makes Its Appearance in the 6th China International IOT Expo 2014
Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltdhas made its splendid appearance in this exhibition. During this expo, a wide range of its RFID products have been displayed, including RFID+EAS hard tags, laundry tags, woven labels and hangtags applied in the garment industry, conventional paper labels, jewelry tags, bottle tags, on-metal tags, cable tags and multi-grip tags applied in the retail industry.

Posted on: 8/22/2014 by: Page Wang

Century Link Joins RAIN RFID Alliance
Century Link, RFID Technology Specialized Products Solutions Provider, announced today that it had joined the RAIN RFID Alliance.

Posted on: 5/22/2016 by: Page Wang

New RFID Tag and RFID Pin on launch
One more choice for you from Century Link

Posted on: 12/1/2014 by: Page Wang

welcome to visit Hangzhou Century Link at Stand 548
Visit us at Stand 548

Posted on: 4/13/2015 by: Page Wang

RFID wristband tag for personnel management
Designed for personal management, the Century-Link's RFID Wristband tag is easily to wear on people's wrist, to achieve intelligent identification, tracking and medical administration.

Posted on: 7/7/2015 by: Page Wang

Century Link RFID Labels for Automatic Vehicle Identification
Century Link Windshield Label is a passive UHF transponder offering fast and reli­able vehicle identification. They aredesigned and tuned specifically for optimal performance when used on the glass windscreen of the vehicles.

Posted on: 12/15/2014 by: Page Wang

New TexSilicon RFID Laundry Tag from Century Link Safeguards Textile Assets
TexSilicon UHF Laundry Tag withstands high-temperature, high-pressure wash cycles for outstanding performance in industrial laundry applications.

Posted on: 7/10/2016 by: Page Wang

RFID Tagging Solutions for Fashion Jewelry
Each RFID label has a unique ID code.If it is attached to a jewelry item, the jewelry item has its unique ID number and you can track the jewelry item.

Posted on: 9/27/2014 by: Page Wang

Low cost RFID label for Direct stick to Vechile tyre Applications
Low cost RFID label for Direct stick to Vechile tyre Applications

Posted on: 4/13/2015 by: Page Wang


Posted on: 3/30/2015 by: Page Wang

Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels
Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels

Posted on: 7/12/2016 by: Page Wang

RFID Tag solutions for Retail in Item-Level
RFID is quickly becoming one of the retail industry’s hottest buzzwords, driven by several key applications: improving inventory accuracy and planning, preventing shrinkage, facilitating omnichannel fulfillment and enabling real-time customerproduct interaction in stores.

Posted on: 7/19/2014 by: Page Wang

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted on: 12/22/2014 by: Page Wang

Century Link RFID Hard Tag, More Durable and Reliable RFID Tagging Solutions
The RFID Hard tag or RFID-enabled EAS dual Hard Tag,They have been already using RFID –enabled EAS dual hard tag at 700 of its Zara stores, the company expects to have the technology installed at all of its nearly 2,000 Zara locations worldwide by 2016.

Posted on: 8/11/2014 by: Page Wang

Century Link's New Apparel RFID Inlay, certificated by the University of Arkansas, Delivers High performance
Century Link, the innovative RFID Tag solutions provider, today announced its new RFID inlay CE31060 designed for new item level apparel label has recently been certified by the University of Arkansas’s ARC Center for Categories A (denim), B (poly bagged apparel), C (boxed items) and D (hanging apparel). This will allow Century Link’s customers to use the same tag globally across many categories.

Posted on: 5/3/2014 by: Page Wang

Fairy Label for Fashion Jewelry and Small items
Fairy label is designed for use in jewelry and small items applications where the tag may be in close proximity to small metal or metallic coated objects.

Posted on: 7/3/2015 by: Page Wang

Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels
Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels

Posted on: 7/12/2016 by: Page Wang

We dedicated to the innovation of RFID technology to provide customers with variant NFC wristbands
NFC provides a range of benefits to consumers and businesses through its inherent advantageous characteristics. Embedded NFC labels & tags in posters, signs,menus, labels and business cards,NFC instantly connects consumers with brand owners, retailers and service providers, bringing physical media to a completely new level of consumer excitement.

Posted on: 9/8/2014 by: Page Wang

Who will be next large RFID project in the retail market?
So retailers, what are you waiting for?

Posted on: 6/26/2015 by: Page Wang

Top 6 Considerations for Selecting RFID Tags
The selection of RFID tags is one of the key success factors in implementing RFID technology. With the variety of tags available on the market, it could be difficult to navigate through the different options and selecting the best tag for your application. How do you find the best performing tag that fits your RFID system, application, and environment while being cost effective and compliant with global standards? Here are the top 6 factors to consider when choosing RFID tags.

Posted on: 5/26/2016 by: Page Wang

How to use RFID to Control Shrink of Towels, Bedding, and Linens
Any business with a massive laundry inventory of towels, bedding and linens ­­— like an industrial laundry, commercial cleaner, hospital or hotel — faces very real productivity challenges. One of the most obvious challenges relates to efficiency in tracking items and keeping shrink to a minimum. In order to function ideally, laundry facilities also need reliable inventory data, optimization of lifecycle management, and elimination of potential cross-infection at hospitals. One way to achieve all of these goals is through automatic garment identification via RFID.

Posted on: 8/8/2016 by: Page Wang

The New MINI RFID Label is IDEAL for Small Retail Items
It is always hard for retailers to manage the stock of Small merchandise. Century’s newly launched MINI label is specially designed for use on small retail items in Cosmetics and Health & Beauty. Its small form factor and stable RFID performance provide the optimal solution for dealing with the challenge in inventory management of small merchandise. It reduces time spent on inventory counts and reduces shrink related to small, high-value items that have been difficult to track in the past.

Posted on: 12/8/2016 by: Page Wang

Partnership with Century Link
Dear sir/Madame, We are a provider of RFID tagging solutions based in China and would like to partner with you and looking for a long term relationship.

Posted on: 6/25/2015 by: Page Wang

Commando Optimize the Management of IT Assets
Century Link announced that its TLinkTM Series had added a new member---Commando lately, which offers more effective ways to IT asset management.

Posted on: 5/22/2016 by: Page Wang

Century RFID Improves IT Asset Tracking with New RFID Asset Tags and Labels
—New Commando™ IT Asset Tracking RFID Tag and Metalion™ L printable on-metal RFID label exhibit outstanding performance for tracking both metal and non-metal assets—

Posted on: 8/2/2016 by: Page Wang

RFID Finger: Innovation RFID Tag Solution for Retail
The RFID Finger on launch is developed with a flexible lanyard and slim graceful design, which is ideal to use for variable items in retail,and gives customers more options for loss prevention and inventory visibility.

Posted on: 7/27/2015 by: Page Wang

Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd is awarded Chinese Top 10 Most Influential RFID Label Enterprise 2013
Century Link is devoted to push forward the application of RFID technologies all around the world. So far, its sales volume of RFID clothing labels has reached tens of millions pieces and electric labels, millions.

Posted on: 9/8/2014 by: Page Wang

Greetings from Century Link America!
Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltd, a leading provider of RFID label and tags technologies, which integrates a comprehensive research and development program with its, “state of the art” production facilities and global sales operations announces today the opening of its Century Link North America Operation headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois to offer better service and support to all of its North American partners.

Posted on: 8/25/2015 by: Page Wang

Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels
Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels

Posted on: 7/12/2016 by: Page Wang

Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels
Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels

Posted on: 7/12/2016 by: Page Wang

Century Link Launches New Tag RFID+EAS Multi-Alarming Locker (CE39005)
Century Link, an innovative RFID Tag and Label Solutions provider, a wholly owned subsidiary of Century Group, has announced a launch of its new RFID+EAS Multi-Alarming Locker Tag CE39005, a self-alarming UHF EPC Gen 2 RFID tag, combined with electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology, offers a new security and intelligent tag solution for retailers. It is designed for use with a variety of retail items, such as garments, shoes, sporting goods, appliances or housewares, etc.

Posted on: 10/16/2015 by: Page Wang

Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels
Century Link Introduces Ultrathin Printable On-metal Labels

Posted on: 7/12/2016 by: Page Wang

West Lake in Hangzhou
Located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, Chian, the West Lake is also known as Qiantanghu Lake in ancient times and as “Xizi Lake” and “Wulin Water” currently.

Posted on: 11/23/2014 by: Page Wang

Year in Review: The Top design and insight of 2016
Brilliant thought and innovative design will never go out-of-date in RFID industry or other places. With a year passed by, now is the time to reflect on what we have achieved in 2016 and how to improve business further in 2017. Below are optimal product lines and products which Century RFID has launched in 2016. You can CLICK the product image below to get more information.

Posted on: 1/12/2017 by: Page Wang

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