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Unit 11, 9/F., Wah Wai Centre,, 38-40 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong , China, Nil, HK



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Hong Kong RFID is a leading RFID product and solution provider with headquarter in Hong Kong reaching out to clients all over the world. With pioneering wireless technology and production capability, we assist clients around the globe to improve operational efficiency by providing them innovative RFID hardware and customized RFID solutions. The active RFID products designed by our R&D team are unique with excellent functions and performance.


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Construction Site Safety with RFID Alarm System
Construction sites are challenging environments to manage with the many critical issues in asset management, tool tracking, production safety as well as worker safety. To meet these challenges, more and more construction com-panies and site contractors are integrating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in their day-to-day operations in construction sites and projects.

Posted on: 2/13/2012 by: Suki Liu

2.4GHz Active RFID Real Time Location System by Zoning
Active RFID Real Time Location System by Zoning Real time location tracking can be done either by triangulation or by zoning. The former method makes use of sophisticated algorithms to locate the RFID tag based on comparing the readings of three or more readers while the latter one is done by dividing areas into zones, allocating a reader to each zone and tuning its gain in order to detect only tags in the said zones.

Posted on: 2/13/2012 by: Suki Liu

Introduction of New Evaluation Kit for Tempcorder Series
Evaluation Kit with all Tempcorder Tags and one Empress Active Reader

Posted on: 2/4/2013 by: Suki Liu

Launch of Moist HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme HKRAT-PT02
New tags added to the Tempcorder Tag Series - Moist and Extreme

Posted on: 1/2/2013 by: Suki Liu

Application of Tempcorder Tag Series
How Tempcorder Tags can be applied in different situations to solve business problems and enhance efficiency?

Posted on: 2/14/2013 by: Suki Liu

New Product Launch: Active RFID All-In-One Enclosure
New Product Launch: Active RFID All-In-One Enclosure

Posted on: 3/6/2013 by: Suki Liu

Demonstration of Garrison™ and Hussar™ Active RFID Tags
Applications with Garrison™ and Hussar™ Active RFID Tags

Posted on: 1/2/2013 by: Suki Liu

Final Testing of Empress™ EM02-ETH
Quality and performance are ensured for all products launched through testing and tuning. Watch this video to understand how Hong Kong RFID conducts product testing to ensure the best active RFID equipment for different projects.

Posted on: 4/7/2013 by: Suki Liu

Demonstration of Garrison™ and Hussar™ Active RFID Tags
Watch demonstration videos and see how Garrison™ and Hussar™ Active RFID Tags can be applied for different solutions.

Posted on: 3/13/2013 by: Suki Liu

New Product Launch: Empress™ EM02-ETH
The highly anticipated EM02-ETH reader is finally launched. Learn more about the reader from the product catalogue with full specification and introduction. EM02-ETH is a product addition to the Empress™ Reader family, with brand new appearance and multiple functionality upgrades.

Posted on: 5/10/2013 by: Suki Liu

Garrison™ Series for Asset Tracking
Application of Garrison™ Series

Posted on: 1/2/2013 by: Suki Liu

Environment monitoring system with active RFID equipment implemented in museum covered as top story in RFID Journal
Environment monitoring system with active RFID equipment implemented in museum covered as top story in RFID Journal

Posted on: 3/28/2013 by: Suki Liu

Access Control in Luxury Residential Area
Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has recently worked on a project to implement our active RFID access control system in a luxury residential area in Hong Kong. Active RFID tags are given to residents as their resident card. Residents’ information such as name and address is stored in the card for identification and security purposes.

Posted on: 2/13/2012 by: Suki Liu

Comparison between Active and Passive RFID
Do you know the difference between active and passive RFID? Watch this video to learn more and get ideas on choosing active or passive RFID technology for various applications.

Posted on: 4/22/2013 by: Suki Liu

2.4GHz Active RFID for Time & Attendance-Applications in School
Key Features : Automatic Barrier free Long reading distance Multi-tag identification, anti-collision Enhanced Safety Enhanced operation efficiency High Accuracy

Posted on: 2/20/2012 by: Suki Liu

All new Hussar™ Evaluation KIt
We have just the kit for you to test or set up a simple demonstration. The all new Hussar™ Evaluation Kit includes all necessary equipment you need for a simple tracking application. The kit is on special promotion now! Read the entire press here to learn more.

Posted on: 6/3/2013 by: Suki Liu

Moist Tag and Extreme Tag Demonstration
Moist Tag and Extreme Tag in action

Posted on: 1/2/2013 by: Suki Liu

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1Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web services company with expertise in web designing, website development, search engine marketing, social media management and other services. 1Solutions serves its prestigious clients with high-precision services and excellent support.

1st Choice Security Solutions, Inc.

1st Choice Security Solutions is an OEM Manufacturer and Distributor of ultra-long-range, hands-free RFID readers, tags, accessories and software for vehicle identification, asset loss prevention and real-time inventory, visitor and employee monitoring, and emergency evacuation and personnel muster accountability. The company also produces real-time location systems (RTLS), wireless wiegand access control for gates and doors, GPS tracking and inmate house arrest systems.

3B Technologies, Inc.

Developer of novel thin film transistor (TFT) based technologies enabling lower power, lower cost, and higher performance electronics. Printable RFID tags is one target application. Novel unipolar logic circuit technology enables lower power than CMOS for TFT-based circuits. Other IP related to monolithic 3D chips for memory and logic.

3DT Solutions

3DT Solutions offers customizable RF and RFID technologies, combined with secure and encrypted data storage, to offer clients a flexible range of solutions.


3in1GroupUSA with it's factory in Asia has developed a unique technology to enable the RFID inlay to be transferred to the surface of the fabric and paper by hear and pressure. The inlay remains soft and super thin after transference just like printing directly onto the surface of the material. Our RFID inlays can be applied as stickers onto hangtags or sandwich in between paper products or heat transferred onto back of labels or onto actual garments in seams or labels.

3M Track & Trace Solutions

Using RFID, RTLS, GPS and other technologies, 3M provides track-and-trace solutions designed to improve asset utilization, safety and security.

6pm PLC

Established in 1996, 6pm employs over 100 technology consultants in UK, Malta and Macedonia. 6pm’s employees are committed to exceeding client expectations and their enthusiasm coupled with their “can do” attitude is the envy of many competitors. 6pm provides unique and flexible IT solutions and services on time and to budget. We understand the importance of working closely with our clients to deliver tailor-made, fit for purpose solutions, high value consultancy and high quality project deliver

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