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From track and trace visualisation to seamlessly incorporating any kind of identification technology-including solutions like barcode readers, active RFID systems and wide area network technologies-we combine the best suitable features and generate interfaces with all kinds of ERP systems. First class service and customer-oriented support round off our portfolio. We provide RF simulation, application support, software integration and implementation as well as operation and maintenance-all from a single source. Hardware Kathrein´s passive UHF RFID hardware includes stationary and mobile readers, antennas with a read range from a few centimetres up to several metres, and security transponders. Our high-end devices allow the realisation of logistics, industrial automation, retail, and vehicle identification applications. Software CrossTalk, Kathrein´s integration software layer, is a modular IoT suite for different identification applications. Passive UHF RFID, barcode, GPS, RTLS, sensors and various other technologies can be handled with CrossTalk. We provide centrally controlled integration – from device management right through to customised backends. Service and Support At Kathrein we can rely on our outstanding reputation when comparing the quality of our hardware and software components at an international level. Adhering to the highest standards, we offer you a high-quality portfolio of various services and support to bring you seamlessly throughout the entire life cycle of your project.


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Worldwide logistics of truck spare parts; Be at the right place at the right time with RFID!
Worldwide logistics of truck spare parts; Be at the right place at the right time with RFID! Scania Parts Logistics expands its use of RFID to ensure swift and reliable deliveries overseas. Currently, approximately 26,000 ordered items leave the Global Parts Distribution Center of Scania Parts Logistics in Opglabbeek, Belgium every day.

Posted on: 4/18/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

And the winner is: Kathrein RFID Best Product LogiMAT 2015 In the category „Identification, packing, loading, securing loads“
A good idea and a good concept, we could set on top and were first awarded with the prize for „Best Product LogiMAT 2015“. The ARU CSB RFID system makes it possible first a fully automatic detection of moving goods in the fields of industry and logistics.This provides the user with an adaptive RFID system, which transmit not only theproduct data.Because of three selectable selectively reading zones, the direction of the moved goods will be directly linked to the read data.

Posted on: 4/14/2015 by: Kati Hollstein

Volkswagen Group globally realises an efficient load carrier management
Positive business case due to scalable solution In order to effectively and costefficiently realise roll-outs of this magnitude in plants worldwide, all interfaces and system components have to be defined and coordinated with each other. The required hardware and software has to be available in a standardised fashion. In order to achieve comparable and stable functions in all RFID applications worldwide, an internal shared service was established in the central IT.

Posted on: 5/2/2017 by: Kati Hollstein

Counting Blouses Made Easy
The Marc O'Polo fashion label is one of the leading brands in the premium casual segment with more than 2,600 stores and retail partners. Logistics is one of the core tasks within the company owing to short collection cycles and rapidly changing trends. Flexibility, customer focus and, above all, speed are vital. Marc O’Polo will in future be deploying RFID in order to optimise its processes. Most of the technical equipment required for this will be supplied by Kathrein.

Posted on: 4/14/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

RFID technology is still on the rise–and there is a clear demand for passive UHF RFID applications.
The end-user wants robust, easy-to-integrate solutions, so this is the guideline used by hardware developers and manufacturers. Kathrein responds to RFID requirements with increasingly intelligent RFID reader solutions, which are easy to integrate and provide advice and technical expertise to the customer.The company‘s test centre is also looking into the technological feasibility of the solutions.

Posted on: 4/15/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

Kathrein RFID present new portal antenna WiRa-30-CSB-KRAI
100% Identification © KRAI RFID-Systems Kathrein RFID enhances its © KRAI product portfolio with a Wide Range-Antenna WIRA-30-CSB-KRAI ETSI with switchable reading zones. The integrated Phased Array Antenna can be controlled by the implemented © KRAI Interface directly from reader.

Posted on: 3/19/2014 by: Kati Hollstein

New © KRAI RFID UHF SmartShelf Antenna
The new intelligent SmartShelf SMSH module is an extremely thin and lightweight RFID patch antenna that is optimized for integration in Kanban systems, shelf or PoS applications. Due to the special antenna design, it can be used without a specific housing. Operation in a metallic environment is possible without interference, so the system integrator has all freedom for integration into industry-specific solutions.

Posted on: 3/19/2014 by: Kati Hollstein

100 % Identification with Kathrein AVI Solutions
Kathrein RFID presented its new technologically advanced ARU4 / RRU4 series RFID long range identification systems. The highlight is the new Kathrein RFID antenna technology that enables a safe detection of vehicles with metalized wind screens or installations in a highly reflective environment.

Posted on: 3/19/2014 by: Kati Hollstein

New Member of the Mobile Terminal M260 family; RUH-ACD-M260-WLAN-2D-3G-GPS
RUH-ACD-M260-WLAN-2D-3G-GPS Tough and practical on the outside, communicative and reliable in the inside. Thanks to new features, the new Mobile Terminal M260 is an intelligent and communicative solution for reliable mobile usage. In areas without wireless LAN infrastructure the data connection can now be established with the help of the integrated mobile 3G communication option, paired with enhanced location information GPS.

Posted on: 4/12/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

The RRU 4000 series includes a flexible multiplexer to connect up to four external antennas.
Unique options in connectivity cut infrastructure costs dramatically! The Kathrein RRU 4000 reader family is the next generation of RAIN RFID reader and the leading IoT device for all professional AutoID solutions.

Posted on: 5/2/2017 by: Kati Hollstein

New Products
ARU-CSB-ELC - "Best Product LogiMAT2015" WIRA 30° Wide Range Antenna WIRA 40° Wide Range Antenna SMSH Smart shelf Antenna Mounting Accessories

Posted on: 5/12/2015 by: Kati Hollstein

Kathrein RFID supports NXP UCODE DNA TAG IC
As preferred NXP technology and development partner, Kathrein RFID fully supports all features of the brand new UCODE DNA IC with its RRU and ARU high performance UHF RFID reader series. Kathrein RFID offers with its RRU and ARU high performance reader’s excellent RFID hardware, with outstanding read/write performance, IP65 protection class, Linux computing board and additional ©KRAI features for even better read rates up to 18m.

Posted on: 4/23/2015 by: Kati Hollstein

Kathrein RFID equips Munich Airport with RFID UHF AVI infrastructure
Kathrein RFID equips Munich Airport with RFID UHF AVI infrastructure At Munich Airport, a new RFID UHF Automatic Vehicle Identification System for Central car parks is in operation now. The latest generation of the Kathrein RFID´s ARU4 series © KRAI technology allows a quick and reliable detection of vehicles in the area of parking space management system of the company Skidata. The infrastructure is specifically used for the fleet solutions Operators DriveNow, Car2Go and AlphaCity.

Posted on: 4/14/2015 by: Kati Hollstein

The ARU 3000 series includes an integrated 65° wide range antenna and the powerful reader unit in one housing.
Kathrein has launched a new long-range RFID reader generation. Unique options in connectivity cut infrastructure costs dramatically. Three additional external antennas can be connected as well.

Posted on: 5/5/2017 by: Kati Hollstein

We are nominated for "Best New Product" with our next generation RRU & ARU IoT gateways.
Kathrein has launched a new long-range RFID reader generation. Unique options in connectivity cut infrastructure costs dramatically;

Posted on: 5/5/2017 by: Kati Hollstein

IoT - Revolutionizing Global Supply Chains How Audi consolidates fragmented processes
RFID UHF solutions dominate the market and the automotive industry demonstrates just how this is achieved. All the companies involved, including component suppliers, manufacturers, shipping companies, exporters and importers or distributors implement this forward-looking solution to optimise processes, track goods and increase efficiency.

Posted on: 5/3/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

UHF Reader Technology Intelligent Data for Efficient and Transparent Processes
UHF RFID in the Automotive Industry - UHF is the Only Way Forward for RFID in the Automotive Industry

Posted on: 4/21/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

Kathrein acquired noFilis AutoID GmbH
Kathrein Expands its Activities in the Area of IoT Solutions Kathrein, a leading international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technologies acquired the company noFilis located in Ismaning on 1 May 2016. The company develops and sells platform-independent software for integrating RFID/AutoID systems and sensor devices into ERP and SCM systems. As a result of this takeover, Kathrein can now offer RFID hardware and software expertise from one source.

Posted on: 5/3/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

UHF Antenna Technology - Passive UHF RFID Predominates - Across Industries
Simpler deployment and more intelligent reader solutions ensure further market penetration. In many industries, UHF technology is on the rise. The reason for this is the increased efficiency of the systems. Long reading ranges, bulk reading, smart data filtering and data processing directly in the reader systems, in combination with powerful middleware device management, enable the deployment of applications that were only an idea a few years ago.

Posted on: 4/20/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

Object Identification and Labelling Traffic - Labelling in Traffic and Transport
Railway logistics Greek Railway Company tracks 4,000 train carriages in the national railway systems

Posted on: 4/22/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

Case Studies - Counting blouses the easy way
Short collection cycles and fastchanging trends: The fashion label Marc O'Polo based in Stephanskirchen in Upper Bavaria needs a precisely timed system of textile logistics. What really counts here is flexibility, customer service and above all speed. In order to ensure optimum processes, the company uses RFID technology combined with tried-and-tested Kathrein solutions.

Posted on: 5/2/2017 by: Kati Hollstein

100% Identification Kathrein RFID and ACD present the RFID UHF variant of the M260 mobile terminal,expanding their product rang
The RFID UHF unit transmits and receives with a power of 500mW and is equipped with a patented X-Pol antenna design with an extremely homogenous and selective detection field allowing secure, consistent detection from a distance of up to 7 meters. Due to the integrated transponder search function, stock can be easily and precisely searched and inventories carried out.

Posted on: 3/19/2014 by: Kati Hollstein

RFID Technology from Kathrein Makes Traffic Light Smart
The first intelligent traffic light came into operation at the Port of Hamburg recently. It reacts to the needs of vehicles and pedestrians and adjusts its stop signals accordingly. The flow of trucks can be optimised by wireless communication using RFID technology (Radio frequency identification) from Kathrein. In addition, pedestrians should be able to move more quickly and safely through the busy port.

Posted on: 4/13/2016 by: Kati Hollstein

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1Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web services company with expertise in web designing, website development, search engine marketing, social media management and other services. 1Solutions serves its prestigious clients with high-precision services and excellent support.

1st Choice Security Solutions, Inc.

1st Choice Security Solutions is an OEM Manufacturer and Distributor of ultra-long-range, hands-free RFID readers, tags, accessories and software for vehicle identification, asset loss prevention and real-time inventory, visitor and employee monitoring, and emergency evacuation and personnel muster accountability. The company also produces real-time location systems (RTLS), wireless wiegand access control for gates and doors, GPS tracking and inmate house arrest systems.

3B Technologies, Inc.

Developer of novel thin film transistor (TFT) based technologies enabling lower power, lower cost, and higher performance electronics. Printable RFID tags is one target application. Novel unipolar logic circuit technology enables lower power than CMOS for TFT-based circuits. Other IP related to monolithic 3D chips for memory and logic.

3DT Solutions

3DT Solutions offers customizable RF and RFID technologies, combined with secure and encrypted data storage, to offer clients a flexible range of solutions.


3in1GroupUSA with it's factory in Asia has developed a unique technology to enable the RFID inlay to be transferred to the surface of the fabric and paper by hear and pressure. The inlay remains soft and super thin after transference just like printing directly onto the surface of the material. Our RFID inlays can be applied as stickers onto hangtags or sandwich in between paper products or heat transferred onto back of labels or onto actual garments in seams or labels.

3M Track & Trace Solutions

Using RFID, RTLS, GPS and other technologies, 3M provides track-and-trace solutions designed to improve asset utilization, safety and security.

6pm PLC

Established in 1996, 6pm employs over 100 technology consultants in UK, Malta and Macedonia. 6pm’s employees are committed to exceeding client expectations and their enthusiasm coupled with their “can do” attitude is the envy of many competitors. 6pm provides unique and flexible IT solutions and services on time and to budget. We understand the importance of working closely with our clients to deliver tailor-made, fit for purpose solutions, high value consultancy and high quality project deliver

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