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We specialize in rugged RFID tag manufacturing for harsh environment applications.  We pride ourselves on protecting RFID tags so you can gain the benefits of RFID technology in extremely harsh environments. Our proprietary encapsulation process enables us to manufacture tags that are water tight with an ingress protection rating of IP69K. This ensures no external contaminates can get to or harm the chip.

 By assessing system requirements we can engineer customized tags to meet a client's unique specifications. Our IDEATE process allows us to customize tags in the following key attributes: Attachment, Encapsulation Material, Environment, Footprint, RF Performance and Visual Identification.

 Xtreme RFID benefits from 40 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise of our parent company, Cascade Engineering, Inc. We have be dsigning, engineering and manufacturing rugged RFID tags since 2006.

Our tags are currently in use in the automotive, agriculture, commercial fishing, construction, food processing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and waste industries


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Title Description
Allied RFID VX-Mid HT Mount-on-metal UHF tag Ideal for a broad range of applications Exclusive ViziCoreTM RFID technology Endures sterilization and autoclaving Can withstand temperatures up to 190C or 375F
Allied RFID VX-Mid MM Mount-on-metal UHF tag Read distance over 25 ft. on metal Exclusive ViziCoreTM RFID technology Withstands temperatures up to 160C or 320F Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Allied RFID VX-Mid MS A high performance, mid-range UHF RFID tag engineered for demanding environments. Built to deliver the same RF performance while attached to a variety of surfaces, it reads equally well while on metal, wood, plastic, etc. Designed specifically with the industrial user in mind, the VX-Mid combines Vizinex RFID’s exclusive ViziCore™ RFID tag technology with Xtreme RFID’s proprietary plastic injection molding process. Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Cart Tag Extruded design allows for fast production.
Xtreme Tag® Duo The Xtreme Tag Duo is a UHF, rugged RFID tag with IP69K protection and provides resistance to severe impacts, high pressure, outdoor use and a wide range of chemicals which are typical of industrial environments. The Duo is your solution to complete and accurate RTI tagging! Within their RTI (Pallet Tagging) Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Flex Wrap around pipes, barrels, containers Hang from assets Bends around edges; racks, RTIs, boxes Flexes & bounces back into shape Withstands temperatures up to 85C or 185F Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Hang Tag Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Metal The Xtreme Tag Metal is the tag of choice for high performance data collection on any metal asset. This rugged, UHF, passive tag features IP69K protection and is engineered to withstand strong impacts, high pressure, outdoor use, and a wide range of chemicals which are typical of industrial environments. Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Mold-In Perfect for molding directly into your product.
Xtreme Tag® Retro No tools or fasteners required to install Clip provides robust attachment Reduces labor costs to deploy tracking Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Rivet The Xtreme Tag Rivet is a sturdy UHF RFID tag optimized for non-metal assets that features IP69K protection and provides resistance to strong impacts, high pressure, outdoor use and a wide range of chemicals which are typical of industrial environments. Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Rivet Jr The Xtreme Tag Rivet Jr is Xtreme RFID's latest small form factor rugged RFID tag capable of withstanding the harshest of environments. It can be attached to any plastic or RF-friendly surface with screws or rivets. Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode
Xtreme Tag® Snap-In The Xtreme Tag Snap-In tag can be rivet-attached or snapped into a container recess. Ideal for any non-metallic surface.IP69K rated. Available in clear w/ human readable numbers and barcode



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Numerex and Cascade Engineering Partner to Provide an Asset Management Solution for the Solid Waste Market
The X-Tracker provides geographic visibility, tracking, and management of remote assets, such as roll-offs, used in the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste. This is accomplished through the combination of Numerex's supply chain management solution including smart devices, intelligent network services and application framework built around Numerex FAST®, the Company's Service Delivery Platform, and Cascade Engineering's Xtreme RFID business' expertise in the design, engineerin

Posted on: 2/26/2013 by: Mike Lewis

Xtreme RFID and Vizinex RFID Partner to Launch The Allied Series: RFID Tags Engineered for Harsh Industrial Environments
Xtreme RFID is proud to announce it has partnered with Vizinex RFID to develop the VX-Mid, a mid-range, mount-on metal RFID tag.

Posted on: 1/16/2014 by: Mike Lewis

Xtreme RFID to Launch "Contest for a Cause" at LIVE! 2012
The company will challenge the RFID community to come up with ideas for how to utilize the technology to create a positive impact on social causes.

Posted on: 3/19/2012 by: Mike Lewis

Avery Dennison RFID, a business of Avery Dennison (NYSE: AVY), and Xtreme RFID, a Cascade Engineering company, have collaborated to create the highly-durable, RFID-based Xtreme Metal Tag.

Posted on: 3/19/2012 by: Mike Lewis

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1st Choice Security Solutions, Inc.

1st Choice Security Solutions is an OEM Manufacturer and Distributor of ultra-long-range, hands-free RFID readers, tags, accessories and software for vehicle identification, asset loss prevention and real-time inventory, visitor and employee monitoring, and emergency evacuation and personnel muster accountability. The company also produces real-time location systems (RTLS), wireless wiegand access control for gates and doors, GPS tracking and inmate house arrest systems.

3B Technologies, Inc.

Developer of novel thin film transistor (TFT) based technologies enabling lower power, lower cost, and higher performance electronics. Printable RFID tags is one target application. Novel unipolar logic circuit technology enables lower power than CMOS for TFT-based circuits. Other IP related to monolithic 3D chips for memory and logic.

3DT Solutions

3DT Solutions offers customizable RF and RFID technologies, combined with secure and encrypted data storage, to offer clients a flexible range of solutions.


3in1GroupUSA with it's factory in Asia has developed a unique technology to enable the RFID inlay to be transferred to the surface of the fabric and paper by hear and pressure. The inlay remains soft and super thin after transference just like printing directly onto the surface of the material. Our RFID inlays can be applied as stickers onto hangtags or sandwich in between paper products or heat transferred onto back of labels or onto actual garments in seams or labels.

3M Track & Trace Solutions

Using RFID, RTLS, GPS and other technologies, 3M provides track-and-trace solutions designed to improve asset utilization, safety and security.

6pm PLC

Established in 1996, 6pm employs over 100 technology consultants in UK, Malta and Macedonia. 6pm’s employees are committed to exceeding client expectations and their enthusiasm coupled with their “can do” attitude is the envy of many competitors. 6pm provides unique and flexible IT solutions and services on time and to budget. We understand the importance of working closely with our clients to deliver tailor-made, fit for purpose solutions, high value consultancy and high quality project deliver

7iD Technologies GmbH

7iD is a worldwide leader in RFID software. International corporations on four continents leverage 7iD's know-how and superior DIP Device Integration Platform to gain visibility into complex operations.

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