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Secura Key has been manufacturing RFID and Access Control Products for over 40 years.
If you are interested in RFID Products, our e*Tag reader/writers, using 13.56 MHz High Frequency Technology are ideally suited for a wide variety of Automatic Identification and Data Collection applications, including access control, time and attendance, loyalty programs, logical (PC) access, parking, eWallet, fuel management and many more.
e*Tag reader/writers are designed to work with custom software applications developed by original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators.  e*Tag technology allows the host system to read and write to the card and to store data on the card for one or more applications.
These 13.56 MHz units communicate with a wide variety of open standard cards (including Secura Key cards) and also work in read UID-only mode with any ISO 15693 compliant contactless smart reader.  They are available in a wall switch housing, mullion housing, USB desktop or board-only with built-in antenna or remote antenna options for embedded applications.  The wall switch and mullion housings are weatherproof, epoxy-potted units suitable for outdoor applications and they meet UL 294 and FCC/CE standards.  They are available with a variety of communications capabilities, including RS-232, RS-485 and USB.
Secura Key laminated PVC cards and key tags offer 2K or 10K bits of user-controlled data storage, plus a 64 bit Unique ID number.  We can custom print your logo, print a sequential barcode or number, encode information into the chip, and much more.       
We also manufacture a 13.56 MHz 1.00” x 4.00” antenna and a 13.00” x 9.00” flat pad antenna designed for read/write capability with HF contactless cards or labels to ID individual articles, documents or books.
The reader protocol and e*Tag Host development software are available at no charge at or we can send it to you.
If you are interested in Access Control Products, we provide HF and LF readers, control panels, SK-Net software, cards and key tags.
With any other questions concerning Secura Key Products, please contact Steve Morris, RFID Sales Manager, Office: 847-706-9638, Cell: 847-922-2956 or Email:


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Title Description
13.56 MHz Reader/Writers e*Tag® reader/writers, using 13.56 MHz High Frequency RFID Technology are ideally suited for a wide variety of Automatic Identification and Data Collection applications, including access control, time and attendance, membership/loyalty programs, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse, fuel management, data retrieval and many others.
Contactless Card Readers Contactless Smart Card technology is ideally suited for access control, time and attendance, membership/loyalty programs, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse, and many other applications requiring secure and reliable read/write cards. e*Tag® readers use 13.56 MHz technology, work with Secura Key encoded cards and key tags that meet the ISO 15693 standard. Secura Key uses enhanced DES encryption which makes e*Tag® cards virtually impossible to counterfeit.
Contactless Smart Cards & Key Tags e*Tag® Contactless Smart Card credentials are smart, reliable, and secure. They are compatible with all Secura Key e*Tag® readers. By using industry standard encryption techniques, e*Tag® reduces the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards.
ET-ANT 13X9 Flat Pad Antenna 9" x 13" x 0.30" HF flat pad antenna for read/write desktop applications. Includes 8-ft cable with SMA connector, MMCX adapter also included. 50-Ohm impedance.



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Secura Key Publishes RFID Card Capabilities Guide
Secura Key announces the publication of its new e*Tag Card Capabilities Guide. This document helps RFID customers to learn about the various options available for Secura Key’s RFID credentials.

Posted on: 4/23/2013 by: Pam Elkins

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