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Mark Roberti has reported on business for major publications worldwide since 1985. In 2002, he launched RFID Journal on the Web as an independent source of news and information for business and IT executives looking to tap RFID's enormous potential. He is widely regarded as a thought leader in the RFID industry.


I'm attending because this is the best RFID event on the planet!

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Mark Roberti
Address : PO Box 5874 | Hauppauge | NY | 11788 | US
Company : RFID Journal | Founder and Editor
Contact : 1-631-249-4960 | 1-631-980-4314 | Click to send  
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Consulting, Manufacturer, Retailer, Other
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Aerospace / Aviation, IT – Software, Hardware, Service Provider, Retail , RFID Hardware, Software or Services
I have involvement with recommending, specifying or approving these products/services:
Consulting Services, Enterprise Software , Middleware , RFID Concentrators, RFID Fixed Readers, RFID Handheld Readers, RFID Tags, Supply Chain Software , Systems Integration Services, Warehouse Management Software, Wireless Access Points/Network Servers , Other, None of the Above, RFID Networking Devices
I offer:
Access control/security, Anticounterfeiting, Asset tracking, Baggage handling, Business process reengineering, Container/large-asset tracking, Customer compliance, Inventory control, Laundry tracking, Library management, Livestock identification, Logistics management, Medical applications, Parking and toll payment systems, Parts/tools identification and tracking, Payment/ticketing, Personnel tracking, Pet identification, Product identification/sorting, Quality-control tracking, Shipping and receiving, Supply chain tracking, Time and attendance, Track and trace/regulatory compliance, Vehicle tracking/Telematics, Warehouse management, Work-in-process tracking, Other
I have:
Automotive, Apparel, Chemicals/Adhesives, Computers/Electronic, Consumer Packaged Goods, Defense / Military / Homeland Security, Distribution/Logistics, Education, Energy / Mining / Utility, Financial Services, Forestry / Paper, Government / Nonprofit, High Technology / Semiconductor manufacturing, Health Care, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Packaging / Labeling, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Telecommunication, Transportation, Warehousing, Other, North America, Central / South America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific
Interested in:
Access control/security systems, Active RFID systems, Animal identification systems, Antennas, Asset tracking solutions, Business/Strategic consulting, Cold chain solutions, College, University, Advance Education, Distribution of RFID hardware/software, Enterprise solutions (other), Finished RFID labels, Government solutions, Health care solutions, Jewelry Tracking, Manufacturing solutions, Middleware , NFC, Payment systems , Pharma solutions, Readers/interrogators (embedded), Readers/interrogators (fixed), Readers/interrogators (mobile), Real-time location systems, Retail solutions, RFID chips, RFID embedded cards, RFID Inlets/Inlays, RFID key tags/fobs, RFID label printers/Applicators, RFID transponders (special form factors) , Smart cards , Supply chain solutions , Systems integration , Tag Making/Converting Equipment , Technology consulting , Test Equipment, Tool tracking solutions , Track-and-trace/pedigree solutions , Value-added reselling , Vehicle access/identification systems , Warehouse management apps , Wireless sensors, Other
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Carrie, I thought that too for many years, but the evidence doesn't support this view. There are more than 1,000 RFID companies out there trying to sell RFID solutions. If your theory was correct, they would be meeting people, explaining how RFID can solve their problem, and winning business. But nine years after Walmart put RFID on every executive's radar, most RFID companies are struggling to find customers. Second, awareness of RFID is very high. The knowledge admittedly is not deep, but I recently spoke to a group of executives who run the departments in their hospitals who manage assets. Everyone one of them said they know what RFID is, what it does and that their hospitals would benefit from it. Yet, only one was considering deploying an active RFID system to track assets. I've had similar experiences at retail, manufacturing, logistics events. I absolutely agree that every company can benefit from RFID, but that doesn't mean every company is going to deploy at this stage. I never understood why until I read Geoffrey Moore's books, Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado. Moore explains why people who can benefit from a technology don't deploy it until it reaches critical mass, and he explains why providers of new technologies need to focus on the very small group who have problems and are willing to take a chance to address them Then, you use that customer to get another and another and another. When you achieve critical mass, then everyone does it. What I've seen over the past 10 years supports everything Moore says.

Posted on: 3/13/2012 Read more

This could be an issue again in 2012. Please don't be taken by these scam artists.

Posted on: 12/3/2011 Read more

Andy, The early adopters have clearly proved that RFID can deliver significant benefits. It's not clear how fast the fast followers will follow -- if you follow me -- but I see signs that the broader market accept that RFID works and delivers business benefits. Now, it's just a question of when they will invest. Mark Roberti Editor RFID Journal

Posted on: 2/5/2010 Read more

RFID in archery Phil,   Passive UHF RFID might be a good solution to the problem of lost arrows. There are two potential problems that would need to be addressed. The first is the material of the arrow ...

Posted on: 10/3/2017

Award Finalists Session: Best Retail Implementation This award will be given to the end-user company that has demonstrated the best use of RFID technology to improve its retail operations. The finalists, selected by an independent panel of judges, ...

Posted on: 5/2/2017

Solution-Provider Session: Making America Great Again—Accelerating Onshore U.S. Manufacturing With RFID Manufacturing and assembly firms have been tasked with bringing manufacturing operations back to the United States. Learn how RFID is being deployed to address automation, operational efficiency a ...

Posted on: 5/1/2017

Solution-Provider Session:PervasID-The Game Has Changed! See the World's First Ceiling Reader With Near-100-Percent Read Accurac PervasID has launched a game-changing, next-generation flat ceiling tile antenna reader system that delivers the world's first near-100-percent accurate wide-area passive RFID detection. This allo ...

Posted on: 4/30/2017

Solution Provider Session: Checkpoint Systems - Customer-Centric Supply Chain Satisfying customer demand in the digital revolution requires inventory accuracy and visibility to the item level from the time a product is manufactured until it is delivered to the customer. The ...

Posted on: 4/30/2017

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