Gerolf Heldmaier

Wuerth Electronics embids
Sales and commercial manager
Rot a.S. BW DE

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ABOUT Gerolf Heldmaier

I´m an electronic and industrial engineer working for the Würth Group since 1994. I had been in charge for integration of acquired companies, the internationalization of different business units and the start-up and expanding of new businesses. "Würth Elektornik embids" we started in 2012, based on a wide experience in electonic manufacturing and embedded electronics we had been able to produce unique and specific RFID tags, we call them EMBItags. Our strength is it to produce individual RFID tags for various customer and market segements.

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Würth Elektronik embids could be interesting for everybody who is entering the RFID market and seaching for a specific RFID tag - irrespective of the quantity required. Beside a various number of EMBItags "standard" we are able to produce for our customer "their" RFID tag - chip, antenna, memory, size, colour, ... heavily biased towards the application area. We are mainly partners of the RFID integrators and often in touch with the project managers at the OEMs. Our EMBItags, some customer named it hard-inlays, will be ordered from purchasers, engineers, distributors. Finally its important that the specific product characteristics lead to an good solution. Beside the EMBItags standard we offer further sevices and product adjustments! You need some RFID tags (HF of UHF) - no problem, visit our embids online shop and order smallest quantities. You have an own antenna layout and prefer the physical advantages - no problem, little adjustments are always possible. You need a specific RFID tag - no problem, we develop together with you the unique HF or UHF solution fitting to your local requirements.

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Gerolf Heldmaier
Address : Rudolf Diesel Str. 10 | Rot a.S. | BW | 74585 | DE
Company : Wuerth Electronics embids | Sales and commercial manager
Contact : +49 7955 388807-224 | +49 160 8872133 | Click to send  
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