Ross Stapleton-Gray

Stapleton-Gray & Associates, Inc.
President and Principal Analyst
Albany CA US

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ABOUT Ross Stapleton-Gray

Stapleton-Gray & Associates, Inc. provides information technology and policy consulting services, systems analysis and design, and project management. Ross Stapleton-Gray, Ph.D., is a technology and policy analyst, former CIA intelligence analyst, entrepreneur and educator, with an interest in IoT (Internet of Things), RFID, cybersecurity, privacy, and other aspects of information technology.

Ross Stapleton-Gray WOULD LIKE TO MEET

I am interested in potential customers, collaborators, or employers, including for collaboration on federal grant proposals (e.g., SBIR, DARPA, IARPA, DoD, NSF, etc.).

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Ross Stapleton-Gray
Address : 1112 Curtis Street | Albany | CA | 94706 | US
Company : Stapleton-Gray & Associates, Inc. | President and Principal Analyst
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