Senior Project Manager- RTLS- Asset Management- Senior CRM

Date Category Ideal Location Interested Job Type
07/10/2017 Executive Austin, TX or remote Employee - Full Time

My Objective:
Seeking a Senior Project Management position to apply my extensive Project Management skills, broad RTLS experiences, and keen customer relations abilities. I am open to either working with a matrixed project team or leading a team of my own project managers. I have successfully done both. 

I am looking for a full-time employee position (no contracts at this time please) as a remote employee or at offices based in the Austin, Texas metro area. I have worked remotely for the past 12 years for General Electric and have been very successful working in that fashion.

In addition to Project Management positions, I am interested in other management or project related positions that may leverage my RTLS skills, project management knowledge, and customer relations skills. 
My skills:
I have deployed projects with RTLS in hospitals, in transportation projects, and in electronic toll collection systems. In hospitals, I have worked extensively with 3 different RTLS vendors (Centrak, RF Code, and Verichip) for location identification of mobile clinical assets. In addition, I have led teams to deploy the associated software applications that allows users to quickly access location information of select assets. The applications allowed customers to create searches of many types as well as generate reports to support many business needs including infection control process compliance, right-sizing decisions for asset purchasing, and utiliization information.  I work extremely well with customers from the executive level all the way down to the end users. I am able to build relationships with remote stakeholders and use those relationships to manage the projects especially if unexpected challenges come up.