Executive opportunity

Date Category Ideal Location Interested Job Type
10/05/2015 Executive Negotiable Consultant/Contractor

My Objective:
Opportunity with progressive organization
My skills:
Marc Mathews marcmathews867@yahoo.com;   Cell: 602.503-0931 Continually recognized for exceptional achievements in the ability to positively affect the bottom line and tactfully negotiate win-win scenarios within challenging and diverse environments. Self motivated as well as team-oriented innovator who can rapidly identify business obstacles, formulate strategic plans, and implement progressive actions in order to create new business opportunities. PROFESSIONAL CAREER SYNOPSIS & KEY BENEFITS OFFERED Executive with extensive experience in product and intellectual property development, national and regional market expansion, as well as process problem-solving in a wide array of industries such as renewable energies, insurance, gaming, apparel, sports, health & nutrition, and computer technologies. Ø  Product design and service system improvements to reduce expenses; Ø  Appropriation of proprietary intellectual property protections; Ø  Significant increase of capital assistance, sales revenues and profit margins; Ø  Negotiation of licensing and manufacturing rights for product lines; Ø  Implementation of high impact presentation materials and promotional programs; Ø  Enhancement of customer relations and logistical operations; Ø  Improvement of niche market analysis for creation of new profit centers. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Dec. 1998 – Aug. 2015                       63/37 Sustainability, Business, and Nutritional Consulting   Special Projects Manager                                                                   Tempe, AZ/Tampa, FL Proven success in the commercialization of new products; new business development and retention; corporate strategic planning; market and competitive analysis; as well as the deployment of applicable web-based presentations.  Areas of effectiveness:      * Market optimization                     * Action planning                    * Business expansion      * Capital acquisitions                      * Operational management      * Strategic alliances Ø  From concept to creation, accountable for complete business plan preparations, case studies, revenue forecasting, as well as creative direction of follow-on products and services.  Instrumental in the approval of highly lucrative patents, trademarks, and other phases of unique intellectual property protections across several projects and products targeted to niche markets. Ø  Prepared and modified scientific manuscripts, technical specifications, professional proposals and presentation materials; including highly-touted new gaming format and apparatus which incorporated a progressive capability for traditional tablegames and other relevant devices. Ø  Secured financial support in order to launch numerous innovative products by bridging relationships between individuals and business entities; responsible for implementing marketing campaigns for national promotional programs. Dec. 1992 – Dec. 1998                        Cope & Associates Consulting                                   Strategic Business Manager, Marketing Manager                              Lincoln, NE Within the insurance and financial markets industry, was responsible for the preparation and presentation of quarterly forecasts; thereby ensuring alignment of corporate goals, budgets and sales projections; along with analysis of proposed new product lines for existing large customer base.  Ø  Analyzed, designed, and implemented the start-up and growth of a subsidiary health insurance division in a penetrated market. Ø  Orchestrated the successful turnaround of unprofitable peripheral life insurance division by creating a ‘communication loop’ to stimulate product awareness, resulting in a 500% increase in existing customer database revenues. Responsible for the coordination and editing of regional financial information brochures; organization and administration of sales force; as well as general client conflict resolution; and marketing ventures. Ø  Conducted numerous risk assessment studies for multiple branch opening, resulting in savings of over $6,000 per month in operating expenses. Ø  Initiated investigative marketing surveys to identify consumer serviceability demands, which increased existing product revenues by 37%. Dec. 1991 – Dec. 1992                        Monsanto Agricultural Company      Research Scientist                                                                               St. Louis, MO During one-year contract, contribute to the design of a synthetic hormone delivery device via the implementation and analysis of mathematical models – product immediately elevated annual sales by $500 million.  Responsible for developing and maintaining stress-related experiments whose goal was to find flaws in the inherent functioning of next-generation prototype devices. NOTED CONSULTING PROJECTS Commercial Photovoltaic Quality Control Consultant            2011                            Kahului, HI During contract, provided detailed business and technical reports to alternative energy industry leaders primarily focused on proposed solar-related installations within the state of Hawaii; created state-of-the-art ‘compare and contrast’ studies for applicable renewable energy technologies; conducted oral presentations to political groups in order to simplify seemingly complex processes and considerations in regards to photovoltaic standards; proposed new testing and integration procedures for further product qualification; provided implementation recommendations to business and land owners while coordinating dynamic regulations database and spreadsheets for commercial implementation projects. Marketing Director and Sales Manager Consultant    2008                            Phoenix, AZ During contract with Photovoltaic Laboratory, as a state-of-the-art facility in the U.S. for testing and certification of solar energy equipment, responsible for maintaining and enhancing a global presence within the renewable industry – especially photovoltaic module manufacturers, research institutions, government agencies, and standards committees.  Additional responsibilities included: Public speeches for industry growth Analysis of manufacturer module designs Long-term outdoor exposure expansion Develop reliability testing programs Engineering evaluation recommendations Track product failure/technology trends Pricing and scrutiny of testing curriculum Defend R&D division recommendations Trade show investigation and direction Analysis of IEC Qualification programs EDUCATION and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Pursuing Masters of Science in Sustainability & Alternative Energy Technologies Relevant coursework: Photovoltaic Standards and Codes: Accelerated Stress and Reliability Testing                                     Applied Photovoltaics: Terrestrial Crystalline and Thin-film Technologies Bachelor of Science · Marketing Management/Biomedical Engineering:       Arizona State University Honors included: Dean’s List, U.S. Veteran Scholarship awards, work-study grants Ø  Numerous workshops on business development, personal excellence, marketing strategies, communication principles, teamwork practices, target selling, process management, quality improvement, software packages, business and grant writing. Ø  Information Technology Certifications: Project+ coursework, A+, RFID+ Ø  United States Marine Corps: Electronics Technician - RF Radar Repair ADDITIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS and ENDEAVORS Ø  Nutritional consultant: via personal commitments to nature and true healing, aid in the development of individualized diet and general fitness stratagem. Ø  RFID business consultant: focus on feasibility of evolving RFID and RTLS technologies to overcome deficiencies in business operations; evaluate clients’ existing IT infrastructures and deployment so as to recommend individualized solutions across several platforms. Ø  Entomological analytical consulting – Dept. of Biology, Arizona State University – successfully produced whitefly laboratory specimens on breakthrough artificial diet. Ø  Youth-oriented tutor: math, sciences, basic chess principles, basketball, football and tennis. PERSONAL STRENGTHS Unparalleled professional commitment and personal integrity, continual positivity, versatility, entrepreneurial drive, good sense of humor, creativity, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, exceptionally organized, and always respectful to others.