FLYplug is a global integrated printing/encoding enterprise package solution based on an ATA Spec 2000 specific distribution package of one of the most popular open AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection) software worldwide. FLYplug solution .......

CS8300 Temperature Sensing Tags

CS8300 is a Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) tag that is fully EPC Class 3 Gen 2 compliant designed for temperature sensing and tracking the history of temp.......

CS208-3G Intelligent Integrated RFID Reader with GPS

CS208 is the first truly INTELLIGENT INTEGRATED Reader in the world with embedded edge server and a wide selection of connectivities, including 3G/GSM/GPR.......

SlimFlex™ Tag

Pliable UHF RFID tag mounts to uneven surfaces and delivers long read range while enduring rugged conditions

RFID Site Manager

RFID Site Manager is a set of enterprise class services and client applications that allow an organization to implement an RFID infrastructure utilizing R.......

Motorola DS9808-R Hybrid Imager with RFID Re....

The DS9808-R is a ground-breaking POS device. It is the first combination 1D/2D.......

Wideband RFID Conformance Analyzer

The Nexjen Wideband RFID Conformance Analyzer is a complete conformance test an.......


Our IDENTITY THEFTGUARD™ PIV Card Holders are GSA Approved (APL#1276) as electr.......

Rugged Mobile Outdoor Solutions

Venture Research provides a suite of ruggedized, waterproof UHF readers combini.......

ALR-9680 Commercial 4-Port Fixed UHF Reader ....

Alien® ALR-9680 is a commercial-grade UHF RFID reader that provides enterprise .......


Very slim metal mount tag (5 x 15 mm) to be fit to the most of assets to track .......

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!D Gate

The !D Gate is a modern, open pedestal that is mounted on the floor. Because it is an integrated reader, both the reader and antennae are included. It supports processes like goods receiving, transition from stock room to sales floor and anti-theft (EAS). Depending on the role, the optimum RFID parameters are chosen automatically.


The !D POS is an integrated reader to be used for reading items at the point-of-sale station. It has a small, rugged casing that can be mounted under the cash desk. The antenna only reads items on top of the reader, while ignoring items below or next to the antenna, due to the built-in shielding. It can be connected via USB or Ethernet, while the power can be supplied by a local power supply.

!D Top

The !D Top is an integrated reader that can easily be mounted on the wall or to the ceiling - using almost invisible steel cables. Its compact, clean design blends into every store, keeping the entrance of the store wide open when used as an anti-theft system. The !D Top can be combined with existing (AM/RF) EAS systems.

"The InfoChip App" NFC App for iPhone and Android

The InfoChip App, to be released on iPhone and Android, brings forth a profound revolution in safety compliance, inspection management and industrial asset management. The InfoChip App enables you to "Interact With Your Assets" where and when you need to, using your NFC-enabled smartphone and InfoChip's complete line of extremely durable NFC RFID tags.

by   InfoChip

★★ KEIDAS ★★

RFID/Barcode Integrated Solution for Serialization, Track & Trace, e-Pedigree ►►► Supply Chain Execution & Management Platform Suite associated with legacy systems enables control over production, in&outbound process, inventory, shipment, etc, which consequently leads to effective work process and interactive information exchange.

by   Hanmi IT

★★ PRISMA ★★

Robotic RFID Reader ; Location-Based Item-level Inventory Tracking System ►►► The product features a motorized EPC UHF interrogator that travels along a rail to automatically locate and count products within a warehouse, DC or retail store.

by   Hanmi IT

13.56 MHz Reader/Writers

e*Tag® reader/writers, using 13.56 MHz High Frequency RFID Technology are ideally suited for a wide variety of Automatic Identification and Data Collection applications, including access control, time and attendance, membership/loyalty programs, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse, fuel management, data retrieval and many others.

2 Antenna Bundle

This all-in-one RFID bundle contains everything you need to start your own small scale RFID project with 2 antennas. This is a great solution for customers that are looking for hardware and software in an all-in-one bundle. This bundle includes all hardware needed including the most capable RFID reader on the market with a set of 2 far field antennas that can be configured for a variety of use cases.

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