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NXP and Murata collaborate to deliver dual interface RFID solution

Murata’s LXMS21H series - represents the next generation RFID MAGICSTRAP® with the added feature of an I2C interface.

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) and Murata today announced a new addition to the Murata MAGICSTRAP® RFID module family incorporating NXP’s UCODE I2C technology. In addition to delivering state-of-the-art RF performance, the bridge mode of the UCODE I2C chip uniquely enables a wireless communication link between the application processor and the UHF reader, enabling bidirectional and unlimited data transfer. The module provides consumer electronics products and white goods with both a consistent ID and the ability to perform zero-power configuration at any point in the value chain.

Based on passive UHF RFID standards, data can be read or written into the memory of the MAGICSTRAP®+I²C using a standard UHF reader, even while the device or appliance is switched off. Practically, this means that an electronics product can be configured for different languages and markets when already packed in a carton box and ready for shipment. By removing the need to configure products during assembly and when powered on, OEMs can make significant savings in manufacturing and logistics costs by responding precisely to regional and model demand. A protected unique ID built into the UCODE I²C enables protection against counterfeit and grey markets. This can be combined with cryptographic algorithms to have a strong protection. The possibility to write to the MAGICSTRAP® even without connected booster antenna makes it the perfect choice for such uses. Full traceability from begin till end of life of a product is thus given.

As the MAGICSTRAP® will be soldered to the PCB, it will stay in the electronics product over its full life cycle. Therefore, it is also the perfect means to provide relevant data at recycling stage, deliver a proof of compliance to the WEEE directive and reduce according costs.

“The Murata/NXP solution is enabling a new model of logistics where electronic products are only configured once demand for them is confirmed, avoiding the production of unwanted models and regional variants,” said Richard Schmidmaier, global segment manager RFID in Electronics at NXP Semiconductors. “Our close collaborative relationship with Murata has resulted in a new high performance module, which combines the zero-power configuration and bridge-mode functionality of the UCODE I2C with the advantages of the MAGICSTRAP®.”

“The Murata MAGICSTRAP® family is well on its way to establishing an industry-standard solution for turning electronics products into smart objects from the inside,” said Alexander Schmoldt, Business Development Manager at Murata. “The new addition to the product family further strengthens the cooperation between NXP and Murata, and delivers the ultimate combination of traceability, counterfeit protection and configuration on demand.”

NXP and Murata will present and demonstrate the functionality of the MAGICSTRAP®+I²C and UCODE I2C at electronica 2012. Both companies are members of RFID Valuecreators, an industry consortium fostering the use of RFID in the electronics industry. Samples of the MAGICSTRAP®+I2C are available now, while volume production is scheduled to start Q1/2013.

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NXP and Murata collaborate to deliver dual interface RFID solution

Murata’s LXMS21H series - represents the next generation RFID MAGICSTRAP® with the added feature of an I2C interface.

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Murata Electronics, a world-leading electronics developer, will announce new RFID innovations at RFID Journal Live! as well as demonstrate advanced technologies designed to improve PCB traceability, warranty tracking, product authenticity and more. Murata engineers will also be onsite to discuss research and development projects, technology trends and new applications within the RFID industry. Show-goers will understand that innovation is at the heart of everything that Murata does.

Posted on: 3/8/2012 by: Amy Talley




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