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Shenzhen Field attended RFID JOURNAL LIVE 2014 in Orlando

Shenzhen Field attended RFID JOURNAL LIVE 2014 in Orlando in April 08 to 10, 2014

Posted on: 4/16/2014 by: Shenzhen Field IOT Technology Co., Ltd.

Brady Corporation and Tego Inc. Jointly Develop Next Generation Smart RFID Labels and Solutions for Aerospace

Brady Corporation and Tego Inc. Jointly Develop Next Generation Smart RFID Labels and Solutions for Aerospace

Posted on: 4/10/2014 by: Brady Worldwide

MAINtag and Zebra Technologies Launch FLYplug® – The New Enterprise RFID Printing Solution for Aircraft Parts ID

FLYplug® is cost-efficient and practical for aircraft (A/C) manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and MRO sectors that want to upgrade from older barcode ID labels or name-plates to a state-of-the-art, multifunctional, data-robust RFID tagging system.

Posted on: 4/8/2014 by: MAINtag, Inc.

New RFID adhesive for stable jetting processes

DELO Industrial Adhesives has developed a new adhesive for the reliable bonding of RFID chips and antennas. It transmits electrical signals reliably, gives high long-term die shear strength, and enables efficient production as it can be jetted.

Posted on: 4/7/2014 by: Delo Industrial Adhesives

William Frick & Company Introduces Two New SmartMark™ RFID Tags with Exceptional Read Ranges

William Frick & Company offers new RFID tags featuring long read ranges with the use of standard readers.

Posted on: 4/7/2014 by: William Frick & Company

EM Announces First Secure ISO/IEC15693-Compliant RFID IC Supporting Anti-Counterfeiting & Safeguarding Authenticity of Goods

EM announced the EM4237, the first high-security ISO/IEC15693-compliant RFID device. Offering unequaled RF performance and enabling efficient and secure solutions for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, the EM4237 provides a universal identity card and an encrypted, tamper-proof digital certificate to insure authenticity and product quality anywhere in the world. The device's security measures are based on public stream cipher technology. The 2kb data memory can be protected by the user.

Posted on: 4/4/2014 by: EM Microelectronic - US

EM Microelectronic Announces High Sensitivity, SGTIN-198 Compliant EPC™ Gen2 RFID

EM has introduced the EM4126 EPC Gen2 RFID IC, intended for use in RFID tags for jewelry, cosmetics and other small and/or high value products. The EM4126's high sensitivity allows for longer read ranges, even for smaller jewelry-type labels. EM4126-based tags can achieve read sensitivities of -21dBm. The EM4126's 224 bits of memory is nearly twice that of competitive products, and enables SGTIN-198 encoding of up to 20 alphanumeric characters for serialization.

Posted on: 4/4/2014 by: EM Microelectronic - US

Pre-launch of RFID overhead reader with dynamic beam steering

At RFID Journal LIVE!, Nedap pre-launches the next generation of their proven !D Top, a compact RFID overhead reader with dynamic beam steering. The beam steering offers significant advantages for RFID-based loss prevention and in-store merchandise tracking purposes. Depending on the role of the reader, the beam steering enables reliable stray tag filtering and direction detection, thereby boosting the !D Top’s effectiveness in retail environments.

Posted on: 4/4/2014 by: Nedap Retail

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