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RFID Journal Announces LIVE! 2017 Highlights

Business professionals from leading companies in every sector and from around the world gathered at the RFID industry's largest and most important event.

Posted on: 5/25/2017 by: RFID Journal

AB&R® Exhibitor and #RFIDHero at RFID Journal Live! 2017

AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID Inc.), a nationwide provider of proven supply chain solutions, will exhibit at RFID Journal Live! 2017 on May 9-11th, in Phoenix, Arizona. AB&R® will be on-site in booth 936 with the latest RFID technology trends, best practices, and common use cases. AB&R® wants you to share your RFID story. Tell us how RFID has helped you and your business by tweeting @BarcodeRFID using #RFIDHero. Show us your tweet at booth 936 and receive a free t-shirt!

Posted on: 5/9/2017 by: American Barcode & RFID

RFID – The Game has Finally Changed…

PervasID launches a ‘world first’ near-100%-detection RFID ceiling tile reader that delivers hugely reduced cost to deploy wide area, real time inventory monitoring for retailers, healthcare and security.

Posted on: 5/9/2017 by: PervasID

Montie Gear Releases Portable 900 MHZ RFID Field Detector

(Research Triangle Park, N.C.) The innovation and commercialization experts at Montie Gear have come up with a new troubleshooting tool for original equipment manufacturers to successfully identify where their products’ 900 MHz / UHF / GEN II RFID portals can, or can't, read tags.

Posted on: 5/8/2017 by: Montie Gear, Inc

The ARU 3000 series includes an integrated 65° wide range antenna and the powerful reader unit in one housing.

Kathrein has launched a new long-range RFID reader generation. Unique options in connectivity cut infrastructure costs dramatically. Three additional external antennas can be connected as well.

Posted on: 5/5/2017 by: Kathrein Solutions GmbH

We are nominated for "Best New Product" with our next generation RRU & ARU IoT gateways.

Kathrein has launched a new long-range RFID reader generation. Unique options in connectivity cut infrastructure costs dramatically;

Posted on: 5/5/2017 by: Kathrein Solutions GmbH

RFID inventory robot TORY at RFID Journal LIVE! 2017

For the second year in a row, MetraLabs is presenting their RFID inventory robot TORY at RFID Journal LIVE! 2017. The world’s largest and most important event focused on radio frequency identification and related technologies will be held in Phoenix, Ariz., on May 9-11, and will feature more than 50 end-user case studies and 75 hours of education. MetraLabs will be located at booth 924.

Posted on: 5/5/2017 by: MetraLabs GmbH

FEIG Announces Antenna Multiplexer to Support Industrial Machines, Contactless Payment Kiosks and Ticketing Systems.

FEIG Electronics, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, introduced the 4-Channel Multiplexer ID CPR.MUX.M4, an evolution in supporting industrial machines, secure contactless payment and ticketing for vending and municipal fare collection.

Posted on: 5/3/2017 by: FEIG Electronics

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  • MyZone Worker Alert System

    MyZone Worker Alert System is a ultra low frequency, fully autonomous alert system to warn workers on a construction site or any other hazardous environment of dangers either coming toward them or that they are going toward. A small receiver device is placed on the back of a hardhat and will vibrate if it gets too close to a transmitter which can be mounted on a piece of heavy equipment like a dump truck, bulldozer, or a tripod to warn of a large hole or of possible chemical exposure.

  • Shenzhen Zhongyuanda Smartech Co.,ltd

    China OEM RFID Products Manufacturer With many years experience .All of our rfid products can be customized to meet your market needs.RFID Tags Customized/Shape Customized/Material Customized.