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RFID Eliminates Shrinkage at Borsheims' Jewelry Store

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Mark Roberti

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To track inventory levels, most jewelry stores conduct a daily count of goods moving into and out of vaults during off-hours, with larger cycle counts of an entire store performed less frequently. Borsheims, a century-old jewelry store owned by Berkshire Hathaway, maintains a 62,000-square-foot facility that stocks 88,000 pieces of fine jewelry and other goods ranging up to $1 million in value. As such, tracking expensive items is critical. Since last year, the retailer has employed RFID technology to accurately capture daily inventory counts and sales data for watches and high-value jewelry. Hear how the store, while initially using the technology to track watches, found that staff members could read the more than 400 watch tags daily in less than 15 minutes. That same process, sans RFID, previously took more than 30 minutes to complete. Learn how the firm is reducing the amount of time required for inventory counts, as well as eliminating shrinkage and providing better control over store inventory.