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RFID Helps Sells Shoes Within Seconds

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Mark Roberti

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Brazilian firm SetaDigital has developed a solution to simplify the checkout process for retail footwear, and has tested customers' experience with RFID technology at a laboratory store. Customers use a card containing a passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tag, which performs a shopping cart function once a customer chooses all products he or she wants to buy. Whenever the shopper is interested in a product, that individual can simply tap it on a totem. An RFID reader will identify that item and show its image and price on a touchscreen. If the consumer decides to purchase the product, he or she just has to use the card to record the information and virtually contain the pair of shoes, such as in a shopping cart. Learn how all steps of the purchase process occur without the need for a store clerk, and how the purchase can be concluded in fewer than 20 seconds.