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Inside the All-New EPC Gen 2 V2 Specification: What Can It Do For You?

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Mark Roberti

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Since its initial publication in 2004, and especially since the 2008 item-level tagging update, GS1's EPC Gen 2 air-interface specification has established itself as the standard for UHF implementations across multiple sectors. Whether in support of fixed asset management, container and RTI tracking, livestock traceability, or item-level tagging for combined EAS and inventory management in retail, EPC Gen 2 is at the heart of an increasing number of RFID implementations. To support a range of requirements from the EPCglobal user community for embedded tagging, tag alteration, consumer protection and increased security, GS1 has overseen the development of a comprehensive set of backward-compatible enhancements to the current Gen 2 standard. These are reflected in the forthcoming update to the standard: Gen 2 V2. Hear the latest information about V2's new and improved features, and learn why it will drive the next wave of UHF RFID adoption