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RFID: A Prescription for Healthcare Asset Management

January 17, 2013

Technology is rapidly changing the world, with news breaking every day of new advances meant to propel us toward a safer, easier, more productive life. Healthcare is one of the industries most under siege by this surge in technology; hospitals and other medical facilities across the world are using advances such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to improve patient security and care while strategically addressing strained budgets.

Such simple technology is having a widespread impact within healthcare, where facilities are implementing these RFID systems to track equipment that tends to be more mobile. RFID can be a lifesaver, both literally and figuratively, as it enhances productivity through saved time and can allow staff to pinpoint the exact location of critical equipment when it's most needed. These systems have a drastic impact on the budget and pave the way for other uses for RFID, which include the ability to prevent unauthorized removal of newborns from hospital nurseries and track longterm residents and patients suffering from special conditions that put them at risk should they leave unattended. RFID is even being used as a means to prevent theft of medication, with bottles tagged and tracked by the same system that can make sure that mobile x-ray machine doesn't wander off without permission.

Organizations like Walmart, Target and the Department of Defense have issued RFID mandates to their suppliers to improve supply chain management, making RFID a growing initiative across both commercial and federal sectors. As adoption of fixed asset management software in the healthcare industry expands, Apptricity will continue to develop the best software for tracking equipment and other assets in medical facilities nationwide.

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