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How RFID Tags Have Revolutionized Warehouse Management Software

January 17, 2013

Have you ever had that dream where all of the boxes in your warehouse start talking to each other? If you’re a warehouse manager, we’re willing to bet you have….well, get ready to start living it, thanks to RFID tags. While warehouse management systems have always done a great job of tracking where things should be, they have not been able to completely eliminate human error – and that’s where RFID tags come in.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are small devices that can be placed in boxes or pallets that arrive at your warehouse. They contain a unique number that can be read remotely by an RFID reader. This makes it possible for a warehouse management system to query the warehouse to find out what is in it, and where those things are.

With the right warehouse management software, every task in your warehouse can become automated, but RFID tags add an extra layer of convenience. RFID-tagged shipments can automatically log themselves in your system when they arrive. Your system can even tell you which stock needs to be rotated, where it needs to go, and whether there is already stock in that place. 

RFID technology also greatly speeds up picking and shipping. When your staff needs to pick a product, an RFID scan will tell them exactly where it is located. You’ll know when it leaves your premises on the shipping truck because your warehouse management software will no longer see its RFID tag.

RFID is proving to be the missing link for warehouse management systems. While your WMS can tell you where everything should be, adding RFID capability makes it a certainty. This added level of confirmation saves your company time and money and lets you do a better job of servicing your clients.

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