RFID Global Solution CEO Diana Hage

Beyond the Edge and into the Cloud

April 07, 2010

For years, industry pundits and customers have been asking to make RFID simpler and easier to deploy.   At RFID Global Solution, we've stepped up to the challenge.   We've been laser focused on developing products which will slash barriers to adoption and create compelling reasons to adopt RFID. 

Today, we're launching Visi-Trac Cloud Services, a secure, reliable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model for our Visi-Trac Enterprise asset tracking application.   Visi-Trac CS provides all the same data capture, aggregation, reporting and back-end integration as our enterprise software without the upfront investment.   The RFID experience is simplified by removing time, cost and complexity from today's cumbersome setup, installation and maintenance processes.

Visi-Trac CS leverages two leading IT trends - the move to web-based delivery and the breakthrough data capture technology of RFID.  With per user/per month billing plans, Visi-Trac CS requires no upfront costs for small to large businesses who wish to take advantage of the benefits of RFID.  Our Cloud Services offering allows customers to bypass complicated edgeware configuration, provides a scalable environment which can grow as customer needs grow, and provides a superior return on investment. 

Are you ready for Cloud Services?

  • Are you interested in an asset tracking, inventory management or mobile solution, such as data center/IT asset tracking, retail inventory, e-pedigree or track and trace?
  • Are you a small or medium sized business that has been challenged by the upfront costs getting started with RFID?
  • Are you a large business dealing with enterprise systems integration and the infrastructure changes needed to incorporate RFID?

If you fit any of the profiles above, call us or stop by booth 227 to see how Visi-Trac Cloud Services can fit into your plans.  We'll help you get beyond edgeware, and into the Cloud today.  



On-demand, SaaS or Cloud applications totally make sense for our industry. The power of wireless is its mobility, beyond the enterprise, across eco-systems and across the globe. This means applications need to be in the cloud to manage devices as they move, but more importantly to use the data they harvest. I am hearted to see several important players in the industry take this step making RFID apps relevant to the enterprises and industries they serve--out of the warehouse on onto the world!
Posted on: 4/27/2010 by: Ann Grackin