RFID Education

Diving into the endless knowledge

April 11, 2012

At the beginning of this year my knowledge base about RFID was close to none. I know about Pike Pass but that was simply it. Simply put, I was a on ground zero when it came to all the inter workings. This would soon not be the case because of a course named Engineering Design and Development. "In this capstone course, students work in teams to design and develop an original solution to a valid open-ended technical problem by applying the engineering design process. Students perform research to choose, validate, and justify a technical problem. After carefully defining the problem, teams design, build, and test their solutions while working closely with industry professionals who provide mentoring opportunities. Finally, student teams present and defend their original solution to an outside panel. This course is appropriate for 12th grade students." (1)

(1) "PLTW | High School Engineering Program." PLTW. Web. 11 Apr. 2012. <http://www.pltw.org/our-programs/high-school-engineering-program>.

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